Seeing Art

2017 Short Summer Seminar (registration May 30- June 12)

Learning To See Everything in a Piece of Art       

The goal of this seminar is to enable the participants to see much more in a piece of art or design than just its object. This will increase what they can experience in what they see around themselves each day.

Moderator:                Carl Erikson,
Day and Time:         Thursday, 10:00 AM – Noon, July 20 – August 10
Format:                       Seminar
Location:                   UMass Renaissance Center, Amherst

Description:  The moderator will provide basic art concepts and show the participants how to “see” a piece of art using these.  After an introduction to each piece, the moderator will facilitate a group discussion of what the participants “see” in that piece using these concepts.

Each session will focus on 4-6 pieces of art brought in by the moderator or the participants. If there is enough interest, the moderator may lead a visit to a local museum.

Role of participants:  Participants will use the concepts presented to study a piece of art brought in by the moderator or themselves and learn to see everything that the artist put into the piece.  They will participate in open discussion around each piece of art presented – the core of the course.

Resources:  None.

About the Moderator:  I have been an intermittent participant in LIR for 6-7 years and gave a regular seminar on creativity a number of years ago.  Also, a number of years ago, LIR sponsored a tour of my art work in the condo building where I live.

As an artist, I work primarily with textiles and needlepoint. I have also done some drawing and watercolor work.  I have given this course in two other settings.

Maximum number of participants:  12

Emeritus/a accepted:  Yes, so long the seminar does not exceed a total of 12 participants.