2020-2021 Ongoing Programs

At this time, 5CLIR in-person programs are continuing online; please email the contact person for information.
To participate in an OngoingProgram, members should contact the facilitator.  No registration form is needed.

Facilitator:  Naomi Yanis email
Day and Time:  Monthly on varying Fridays, September – May, 2:00-4:00 PM
Responsibility for leading the discussion of each book is rotated among the membership of the book group. The choices for the year are made early in the summer, so some of the reading may be done when more time for reading might be available.

Facilitator: Lise Armstrong email
Date/time:  3rd Wednesday of the month, 4:00PM
The Classic Film Club members view a film from the Kanopy classic film archive during the month, and then discuss it at the meeting. 

various members
Date/time: To be announced –  1st event Feb 21
Encore is a re-presentation of the best presentations from the previous semester. Nominations are made to moderators from each class, or directly to the Encore team. Presenters who are nominated have the option of presenting, and of updating their presentation with additional material before giving it during an Encore session.
The facilitators can be emailed at
John Armstrong
Elisa Campbell

Facilitators:Jim Harvey, Kay Klausewitz
Date/time:contact facilitators
This program will focus on several components of our family histories. One important source of information is the family tree which documents the DNA part of our heritage. We will have some instructional time to introduce some genealogical tools and resources available to us. A second source is the collection of stories that have been passed down by word of mouth. The third important source of information about our heritage is an understanding of the cultures that shaped our ancestors’ perspectives. We will spend our time sharing what we can discover about each of these sources.  The facilitators can be emailed at
Jim Harvey
Kay Klausewitz

Facilitator: Paul Berman email

Date/time: 3rd Friday of the month, mornings
Each month we will discuss a topic having to do with medicine, especially recent news and medical ethics. A case will be ready to help start the discussion each month as necessary. 

Facilitator: Lise Armstrong  email
Date/time: September- June, 4th Thursday of the month, 2:00 PM
This is a book club focused on books considered to be classics of literature. Each month a new book is read, and discussed at the meeting 

Facilitator: Jay Russell  email
Date/time: 3rd Thursday of the month, 2:00-3:30 PM
Viewpoints is a monthly round-table discussion of current domestic and international events (often, but not always, political), and other issues (such as cultural appropriation, social media and polarization).  Each month’s participants choose four topics for roughly 20 minute discussions.

This is an open, informal, spontaneous discussion group, a fresh departure from the formal presentations and discussions in our seminars.  However, it does adhere to our peer-learning mission.  While preparation is not required, at each session several topics proposed by participants are discussed – topics which may be drawn from a whole spectrum of events and trends in society/culture, concerns over developments in public/private life, issues in the humanities/technologies.  Discussions over such matters, drawing on the spontaneity, spirit, thoughtfulness, and good humor of its seasoned participants, are indeed enriching learning experiences.

If you have any questions or wish to be included on monthly Viewpoints reminder emails and Zoom invitations, please email Jay.

Facilitator:  Judith Pool email
The French Conversation group has transitioned to email during the COVID pandemic.

(Temporarily cancelled)

(Temporarily cancelled)