2020 Annual Meeting – Council nominees

2020 at-large nominee bios (print)

Francie Borden  My life has been about loving learning.  As an educator, I started a school, taught, and administered for 45 years. I have been active in LIR for 5 as participant, moderator, and member of committees.

Rachel Borson  Since retiring from academic and clinical medicine five years ago, I have enjoyed having variety and rich experiences in western Massachusetts. My three years as a participant in 5CLIR have been satisfying and stimulating. I stay busy with volunteer work, biking and rowing and enjoy having friends from many backgrounds and ages.

Elisa Campbell  I joined LIR about 10 years ago and have been an enthusiastic participant in seminars and various summer and January activities ever since, especially seminars in history and science. I moved to the area in 1970 to be a graduate student in the English department at UMass, and feel incredibly lucky to live here. I want to contribute to LIR’s community of learning and caring.

Robert Cohen  I grew up in Westfield, attended Cornell and Boston University, and have a BA in Psychology.  My work background is in retail electronics and wholesale distribution.  I retired from the family business (distribution of cleaning supplies) in 2015 after 37 years.  I have extensive business experience that could be of value to Council.

John Finn  I was a professor at UMass since 1978, teaching ecology and statistics, and have been Emeritus Professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation since 2017. I joined LIR in Spring 2018 and have enjoyed taking one seminar each semester since!

Kay Klausewitz  Kay, feeling that socialization and stimulation are important to a successful retirement life, was delighted to hear about 5CLIR. She, and husband Ron, joined after moving to the Pioneer Valley in 2014 to retire.  They were familiar with the urban/rural setting because Kay received her doctorate in Education and Family Studies at the University of Massachusetts.  Kay has served on numerous committees, chairing two of them.

Beth Mann  After a long and fulfilling career in health and human services, I retired 2 years ago to the Pioneer Valley, from Boston.   Joining LIR has been a great way to quench my thirst for knowledge, as the seminars satisfy and challenge me both socially and intellectually.  I would love to have the opportunity to contribute to the decision making process, by being voted onto the LIR Council.

Michael Miller  Last summer, my wife, 13-year-old Goldendoodle, and I moved to Northampton for our retirements from our careers as a disability lawyer, therapy dog, and professor, respectively.  We could not be more delighted.  Before we arrived, we learned of the 5CLIR and it has exceeded our expectations.  I would like to serve as a Council member to help the 5CLIR progress, maintain its vitality, and best serve the community.

Jean Shackelford  Prior to moving to Northampton last year, I lived in Lewisburg, PA for 40 years where, until my retirement in 2012, I taught economics at Bucknell University, served as president of the International Association for Feminist Economics from 1993-1995 and its executive secretary from 1996-2005.  After my retirement, I was involved with Bucknell’s Institute for Lifelong Learning, taking classes and serving on committees, including the Steering Committee. In Northampton I am now stimulated by 5CLIR courses and class members in person and now on Zoom.