2021 5CLIR Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 2, 2021 1:30 PM
Held online, via ZOOM

There will be opportunities for members to participate during the meeting.
PLEASE READ: How to Participate

The 2021 Fall Preview will follow the Annual Meeting, at 2:00 PM after a short break, in the same Zoom meeting.If you already registered for the Fall Preview, you are registered for Annual Meeting, which will precede the Preview. A reminder e-mail with your personal link will be sent on May 1.
If you have not yet registered, please register HERE

2021 5CLIR Annual Meeting Agenda

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

FY2022 Budget First Estimate

Slate of Officers for 2021-2022
* indicates previously elected or appointed

President                     Tyll van Geel*
Vice President             Francie Borden
Past President             Nancy Denig*
Secretary                     Darcy Johnson
Treasurer                     Monroe Rabin
Asst. Treasurer            Gene Fisher

Candidates for Council (voting will take place in June)
2021 Council Nominees’ bios

Paul Cooper
Pam Daniels
Michael Miller
Roberta Pato
Clarisse Patton
Catharine Porter
Jean Shackelford
Katy van Geel