2021 Fall Seminars

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Until further notice, all classes are conducted online via ZOOM.  5CLIR provides ZOOM assistance and tech support to members. HERE

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To be included in the first round of class assignments, including ‘the lottery’, you must register by FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2021. Registrations received after that will be added to classes as space is available, or to waiting lists.

Note:  FULL classes shown in RED below. Registrations received close to the start of classes must be approved by the moderator.

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FOR CLASS DESCRIPTIONS, click on Class #  or /handout
21FALN Alien Life  /handout THU AM Rosenthal, Hanner
21FANE Ancient Egypt /handout MON PM Harvey
21FBEA The Beatles TUE AM Fonsh
21FCRA The Crafty Grandparent /handout
WED AM Heckman
21FDEH Death in Hollywood
MON PM Miller, Cooper
21FELE The Elements /handout TUE AM J Scott
21FGPL Great Plants in History/handout WED PM J McMurrich
21FGSC Great Supreme Court Decisions  /handout THU AM Levin
21FHER Here’s Looking at You, Kid  / handout WED AM Kosmer, Siersma
21FLAC Lewis & Clark Expedition / handout TUE AM Honan
21FPAC Paranoia and Conspiracy Theory/ handout MON AM Borson, Rumelt
21FREC Reconstruction and the Constitution/ handout WED PM J & M Russell
21FSHS Short Stories to Share /handout TUE PM Aulino
21FSMD Social Media Problems & Solutions/ handout TUE PM Goldman
25 21FSON The Sonnet/ handout MON AM E Armstrong
21FSTD The Story of King David /handout THU AM Fisher
21FTEX Textiles TUE AM Tropp, Jones
21FTOL Tolstoy’s War and Peace  / handout MON AM Coiner, Dahlquist

21FWIP Will It Play in Peoria/ 1. handout  2. topics WED AM N Clune, R Cohen
21FWRB Writing to Remember (Blue)/handout MON PM Lewin, Jolly
21FWRP Writing to Remember (Purple) WED PM Borden, Alford-Cooper
21FWRR Writing to Remember (Red)/handout THU AM Porter, Callard