2022 Fall Seminars

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Seminars will be available both online and In-person, please pay attention to the location when you choose the seminar.  For In-person seminars, the location is subject to change, depending on public health guidelines and the whims of the Venue.  If there is a circumstance that is outside of the control of LIR and the seminar can continue to be in-person we will attempt to keep the location to a similar address, for example staying in the same town or keeping a seminar at Smith College just moving the Building.

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To be included in the first round of class assignments, including ‘the lottery’, you must register by May 23, 2022. Registrations received after that will be added to classes as space is available, or to waiting lists.  Full Seminars are indicated by the Font being changed to RED to indicate that the Seminar is full.  Members can still register for Full seminars, and join the Wait List, but please ensure that you are selecting a second as well as third choice if you are knowingly choosing to Register for a Full Seminar as a First Choice.

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Seminar Listings 

Click on Title for the Handout, Course Number for Description, or Moderator to Email the moderator directly.

Moderator Title Course Number Day AM/PM
Ellen Kosmer, Betsy Siersma Will you walk into my parlor? 22F-WWP MON AM
Kip Fonsh Bob Dylan 22F-BDL MON AM
Bobbie Reitt, Joan McKelvey Friendship 22F-FRD MON AM
Jay Russell 2022 Midterm Elections 22F-MID MON PM
Nancy Coiner, Helen Regan Exploring Middlemarch 22F-EMM MON PM
Henia Lewin, Carol Jolly Writing to Remember (Blue) 22F-WTRB MON PM
Jessie Tropp Idiomatic 22F-IDI TUES AM
Miriam Whitney, Margaret Russell Indigenous Peoples Today 22F-IPT TUES AM
Jeanne Ballantine, Catharine Porter What I Wish I’d Asked – And Shared 22F-WAS TUES AM*
Linda Honan Rationalism in American Religion 22F-RAR TUES AM
Rachel Borson Taboos and Moral Foundations 22F-TMF TUES PM
Jane McMurrich Great Inventions in History 22F-GIH TUES PM
Jim Harvey The Golden Age of the Persians 22F-GAP TUES PM
Niel Novik, Tyll van Geel Are you now or have you ever been.. 22F-ARE WED AM
Larry Ambs, Kathy Campbell Development of Early Cities 22F-DEC WED AM
Kay Klausewitz, Jim Harvey Life Along the Connecticut River 22F-LAC WED AM
Gerald Goldman Two Norwegian Detective Novels 22F-NDN WED PM
Finnegan Alford-Cooper Writing to Remember (Purple) 22F-WTRP WED PM
Michael Miller, Robert Cohen Somewhere Over the Rainbow 22F-SOR WED PM
Chuck Aulino Short Stories to Share 22F-SSS THURS AM
Rutherford Platt, Gene Fisher Jane Addams and Hull House 22F-JAH THURS AM*
Catharine Porter, Trish Callard Writing to Remember (Red) 22F-WTRR THURS AM

*Sessions are Canceled for low enrollment.