Basic Drawing

This is a 10-week workshop. Classes begin on February 27 ; no class on April 17

Moderator:                Madeline Fay
Day and Time:      Monday 1:30-3:30 PM
Format:                    Workshop
Location:                Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Amherst
                                     (free parking on site)

Participants will learn the basics of observing and drawing, beginning with simple forms and moving to basic still lives.

This workshop is a repeat of a popular studio workshop offered twice in 2015.  It is a relaxing forum for people who have desired to draw but have never really attempted to do so because of lack of time, confidence, or other reasons.  Our goal is to draw what we see in front of us rather than to draw a preconceived notions of what the objects are.  We will start with simple forms such as spheres, cones, and rectangular boxes and progress to simple still lives.  Participants need only a pencil, paper, and a true desire to see.

Role of participants:
Participants will draw at each session.  Each participant will need to bring a pad of paper (inexpensive newsprint pads are available at any art supply store).  The paper should be at least 12” x 18”, but ideally 18” x 24”.  Also needed is a drawing implement such as a soft lead pencil 2B up to 6B, or a charcoal pencil or conte crayon.  Erasers will be used sparingly and only at the very end of the drawing.

Optional reading is Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

About the Moderator:
Madeleine Fay has always loved art, and has taken many art classes throughout her life.  She has shown her work in various art shows, participates every year in open studio weekend in Vermont, and organizes an art group at a community center in Mount Holly, Vermont.  She is an experienced moderator of this workshop.