Broadway Musicals

Moderator: Hill Boss
Role of participants: Each participant will select a musical, research its background, and lead discussion of the musical (see description below).
Number of participants (including the moderators): 10
Time: Tuesdays, 2:00–4:00 pm
Place: Rockridge Retirement Community, Library, 25 Coles Meadow Road, Northampton
Parking: Ample parking on site

Most Broadway musicals, familiar to us, have significant political, economic, or social themes which shape the content of the piece.  This seminar will first play a CD of the musical, then a member will explain the content.

Each participant will select a musical from the “Golden Age” of Broadway Musicals (1950-1970) and research the political, economic, and social themes that existed at the time and found their way into the story of the musical.  We will play the musical for the first hour, take a short break, and during the second hour the participant will lead a discussion.

Format: Seminar

Resources: I have CD’s of most musicals, and members will research the background using books and articles. Members may borrow my CD for the week to help with the research.

The Moderator: I have been a Broadway Musical addict for over 60 years, and my experience as a history teacher has inspired me to explore the underlying conditions found in the musicals.

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