Culture and Society: Miscellaneous

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1991 F Money in the News Bill Lieson
1992 F American Culture in the 1920’s Ed Lawton and Bill Lieson
1993 F Two By Two Maureen Lippincott
1993 F E and T Tony Pearce
1994 S Whatever Happened to Latin? Sutcliffe
1997 S Gypsies Isabel Holden
1999 F Understanding Financial Markets Charles Gillies and Allan Johnson
2001 S Think Tank View of the 21st Century Norm Winston
2002 F Muslim Women in Fact and Fiction Janet Gillies and Shirley Brodigan
2003 S Lives of Impact Alexandra Leras and Nick Leras
2003 F Bloomsbury Group Lu Stubbs and Hal Stubbs
2004 S Connecticut River Valley Jim Scott and Ted Belsky
2004 F Modern Day Heroes Nick Leras
2005 S Newspapers: The Fourth Estate Shirley Brodigan and Gillian Morbey
2005 S Audacious Constructions Gail Gaustad
2006 S Magazines – Past, Present, and Future Sheila Klem and Charlie Klem
2006 F Animal Rights: A Primer Greta Marsh
2007 F Life and Fiction Ina Luadtke and Joan Hastings
2008 S Railroads in the World 19th to 21st Cent. Jim Scott
2008 F A Layman’s Understanding of Banking Jim Scott and Sandy Belden
2008 F Food Politics Lise Armstrong
2008 F Meet the Classical Gods and Goddesses Ellen Peck
2009 S Women and the Law Barbara Reitt and Joan Laird
2009 S The Bloomsbury Group Revisited Sheila Klem
2009 F Old Time Radio Norman Winston
2009 F The 1950s: The Golden Age of Baseball Hill Boss and Leo Sartori
2009 F Mistresses and Lovers Nina Scott and Serene Rubin
2010 S Women Ahead of Their Time Part i Sofie Ellsberg and Mary Franks
2010 F Women Ahead of Their Time Part II Sofie Ellsberg and Mary Franks
2010 F Cooking as Art and Performance Nina Scott
2011 S Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Beanies, & Other Head Coverings Janet Price
2011 S Collections Gail Gaustad
2011 S Eating Animals: Past, Present, Future Steve Gross
2011 F Booze, Drugs & Society Steve Gross
2012 S From Flappers to Flip Flops: 20th Century Fashion in Europe and America Emily Hurn

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