Culture and Society: Travel and International

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1992 F English Parish Churches Betty Johnson and Priscilla Doloff
1992 F Countries of the Pacific Rim Harley Unger
1993 S Uncommon Traveler Benson Bowditch
1994 S Uncommon Traveler Bowditch
1998 F A Tale of Five Cities Pat Keating
1999 F More Great Cities of Europe Doris Guillumette
2000 S Scotland: Reality and Romance Isabel Holden
2000 F Mexico: Our Distant Neighbor Jono Hanke and Ted Belsky
2001 S Scotland: Reality and Romance Isabel Holden and Bob Grant
2001 F National Parks: Our National Treasures Jim Scott
2001 F Appalachian Heritage Richard Hooke
2001 F Andiamo in Italia Lu Stubbs and Hal Stubbs
2001 F Maiden Voyages of Early Women Travelers Dorothy Rosenthal
2005 S The History and Culture of Spain Nina & Jim Scott
2005 F Nova Scotia: New England’s Lost Sibling David Yaukey
2005 F Andiamo in Italia Lu Stubbs and Hal Stubbs
2006 S Alaska – the 49th State Gail Gaustad
2006 F Americans in Paris 1920s to 1940s Shirley Brodigan and Gillian Morbey
2006 F Prague & the Czech Republic Marybeth Bridegam
2009 F New York, New York Arnold Friedmann
2010 S Fresh Look at Latin America Norm Winston
2010 S From Here to Timbuctu: Mali, West Africa Joan Wofford
2010 S Berlin in the 1920s Carol Lee and Arnold Friedmann
2010 F Great Rivers of Africa Joan Wofford
2011 S In Chinese Shoes Paul Shepard and Hy Elelstein
2011 F Great Cities of the World Marybeth Bridegam and Arnold Friedmann

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