History: American

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1994 F Yankee Ingenuity: American Inventors Ann Grose and Bob Grose
1995 F Gilded Age to Progressive Era David Dill, Gerard Braunt and Eve Prosada
1995 F American Reformers Part II Gerard Braunthal and David Dill
1995 F American Colonial History Benson Bowditch
1996 S American History (series) Benson Bowditch
1996 F Portrait of America (series) Norman Winston
1997 S World War II, You and Me Walker Gibson
1998 F American History VII Benson Bowditch
1998 F The Peopling of British North America Carl Krogh
1998 F The Thirties: The Great Depression Constance Anderson
1998 F Portrait of America 1900-1932 Norman Winston
1999 S Presidential Crises Throughout History Charles Gillies
1999 S the Fabulous Fifties Norman Winston
1999 F A Look Back at the 20th Century Norman Winston
2000 S American Civil War Ted Belsky and Chuck Gillies
2000 S Looking Back at the 20th Century Part 2 Norm Winston
2000 F Looking Back at the Sixties Norm Winston
2001 F Signers of the Declaration of Independence Norm Winston
2002 S Lewis and Clark Expedition Jim Scott
2002 S The 70’s: Time of Transition Norm Winston
2002 F Ranking the Presidents Norm Winston
2003 F The Gilded Age Jim Harvey
2003 F The Civil War: Beyond Generals and Battles Alex MacColl and Norm Winston
2004 F Lewis and Clark Expedition Jim Scott
2004 F America in the Reagan Years Norm Winston
2005 F A New Slant on the Thirties Sheila Klem
2006 F U.S. Constitution in History Chuck Gillies
2007 F Abraham Lincoln & The House Dividing Chuck Gillies
2008 S Repercussions of the 1990s Norm Winston
2008 S Teddie Roosevelt: Lion in the White House Larry Ambs and Anne McIntosh
2008 F 19th and 20th Century Business Innovators Larry Ambs and Dean Poli
2009 F Abolitionists, Lincoln, and Emancipation Chuck Gillies and Robert Romer
2010 S The Other 19th Century Presidents Larry Ambs and Dean Poli
2010 S Boom & Bust: America in the 1920s and 30s Jim Harvey
2010 F American Inventors, 18th & 19th Centuries Norman Winston
2011 S Reading Toqueville: Democracy in America Michael Greenebaum
2011 F Giants of the Supreme Court Leo Sartori
2011 F Civil Rights from Johnson to Johnson Bob Romer and Tyll van Geel
2012 S Civil War: The War Years, 1861 – 1865 Chuck Gillies and Rob Romer
2012 S American Social and Political History 1840 – 1860 Richard Szlosek
2012 S American Presidential elections in Context: 1812, 1912, 2012 Carol Jolly

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