History: Miscellaneous

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1994 S The Art of Oral History Ted and Laura Belsky
1994 F The Pivotal Years Ed Lawton
1994 F Freedom’s Ferment David Dill
1994 F The Pivotal Years Edward Lawton
1997 F The Twenties Constance Anderson
1997 F “““` Edgar Buck
1999 S Unrolling the Map Benson Bowditch
2000 S Women in World War II Maida Riggs
2002 F Little Rebellions George Snook
2003 S Decisive Battles of the World Norm Winston
2003 F A Little Rebellion George Snook
2004 S Secret Intelligence Organizations – What They Do & Why Jono Hanke
2006 S The Gilded Age Jim Harvey
2006 S Women of the 20th Century Mary O’Brien-Irons
2006 F Influential Women of the 20th Century Mary O’Brien-Irons
2008 F Historical Mysteries George Snook
2009 S Pre-Columbian North Americans Larry Ambs
2010 S History’s Mysteries Part II George Snook
2011 F History of Warfare Dean Poli and George Snook
2011 F Socialism & Social Democracy in Europe & North America Michael Wolff
2012 S Lust for Spices Jim Scott

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