History: World

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1997 F Gandhi and His Legacy Sanat Majumder
1998 F Globalization Charles Gillies and Naomi Yanis
2001 F Understanding Slavery (1500-1870) Ted Belsky and Chuck Gillies
2003 S Mexico 1810-1940: Up Through Revolution Jim Scott and Win Firman
2003 S Polar Stories from the Ends of the Earth Gail Gaustad
2004 F Britsh India: a History of the British “Raj” Jim Harvey
2006 F Nuclear Weapons & The Cold War Leo Sartori
2007 F Ancient Mesopotamia Jim Harvey
2007 F Southeast Asia: History and Present Reality Naomi Yanis
2008 F Four Books: US and the Middle East Chuck Gillies
2008 F Alexander the Great Jim Harvey
2009 F History of the Arabs Jim Harvey
2009 F The Scramble for Africa Joan Wofford
2010 F History and Culture of China to 1912 Jim Harvey and Paul Shepard
2010 F History of Japan: 1850s to 1970s Ray Moore
2011 S History of the Arabs Jim Harvey
2011 F Ancient Egypt: History & Culture Jim Harvey and Richard Szlosek
2011 F Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican & South American Civilizations Larry Ambs
2012 S The Columbian Exchange–Biological and Cultural Consequences of 1492 Larry Ambs
2012 S Gandhi: Apostle of Non-violent and Political Change Sandy Cortez-Grieg
2012 S The Cold War Leo Sartori

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