To Join or Renew Membership

Membership types:

Cost Type Benefits
$250 Full Year: July 1st – June 30th All programs and privileges
$125 Half Year for New Members Fall or spring term; all programs and privileges
$125 Associate for Former Full-Year Members No seminars or voting rights

Full Membership Benefits:

  • Full members may participate in seminars, special programs, summer/winter programs, and all other activities
  • Full members may vote in annual elections
  • Full members may serve on committees and the Council, as described in the By-laws

New Membership Benefits:

  • Half -year membership dues
  • First-time members may join for a single semester, to see if 5CLIR is right for them
  • If  seminar registration is received by the lottery deadline, new members are guaranteed their  first choice in one seminar

Associate Membership Benefits:

  • Reduced annual membership dues
  • Associates may not take seminars and do not have voting rights
  • Associates may participate in all other 5CLIR activities

Membership Assistance:

The Membership Assistance Fund makes 5CLIR membership available to everyone.
It is funded by generous donations from fellow members.
Individuals wishing to apply for a Discounted Membership, for those experiencing financial hardship, should contact the office.

How to Register:
To become a member, complete your membership application online here, or
complete a paper membership application and mail with your check to 5CLIR.



© 2016 Five College Learning in Retirement
Smith College
18 Henshaw Ave., C2
Northampton, MA 01063
(413) 585-3756

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