To Join or Renew Membership

5CLIR has several different types of membership with varying costs:

Cost Type Benefits
$250 Full Year: July 1st – June 30th All programs and privileges
$125 Half Year for New Members Fall or spring term; all programs and privileges
$125 Associate for Former Full-Year Members No seminars or voting right

Full Membership Benefits:

  • Participate in seminars, special programs, summer/winter programs, and other activities
    • Note: Some may carry an additional cost
  • Receive all publications
  • Entitled to vote in annual elections
  • Allowed to join a committee
  • Receive a membership card
    • Can be used to set up borrowing privileges at the 5 College libraries

New Membership Benefits:

  • All the benefits of Full Membership at half the cost
    • Gives new members a test period of one semester to see if 5CLIR is right for them
  • Guaranteed first choice in seminar

Associate Membership Benefits:

  • Half the cost
  • No seminars or voting rights
  • Allowed to participate in all other 5CLIR activities

Assistance Fund:

The Membership Assistance Fund makes 5CLIR membership available to everyone.  It is funded by generous donations from fellow members.

Additional Registration Information:

If a person wishes to join 5CLIR as a full member after all spring seminars are closed, they may pay the dues for the following year and enjoy all benefits immediately and through the following year.

If a person wishes to join 5CLIR after the fall seminars are closed, they may pay for the spring semester and enjoy all the benefits until July 1st, when the new membership year begins.

How to Register:

To become a member, complete your membership application online here, or

complete a paper membership application and mail with your check to 5CLIR.



© 2016 Five College Learning in Retirement
Smith College
18 Henshaw Ave., C2
Northampton, MA 01063
(413) 585-3756

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