Being a member of 5CLIR provides various benefits, including access to college libraries in the Pioneer Valley. All of the Five College Library systems are updating their software systems to be on one central system – this will end up being a very positive thing for LIR members because it will mean that all Libraries will be able to treat LIR Members the same.

This new system will be activated after July 6th – the new process for Smith College’s Neilson Library will be available.
Amherst College
Hampshire College
Mount Holyoke College
UMass Amherst
Smith College

Smith College Library Access (after July 6th)

Use the 5CLIR library card for identification to obtain borrowing privileges at Smith College’s Neilson Library. This entitles one to request hard-copy books online and deliver them to Smith for pickup, whether from Smith or any of the other four library system members. The expiration date on the library card will match the date on the 5CLIR card.

Online resources must be used on-site.

In order to obtain a Library Card, go to the Circulation Desk and present your Five College Learning in Retirement Membership Card which has your Full Name and the Expiration Date of your membership clearly printed on it, the Librarian will create a Library card for the Member that matches your LIR Membership Card.  Please make sure that you have your membership card when you go to the Library – if you need a new card, please contact the Office Manager and a new one can be provided.

Neilson Library
7 Neilson Drive
Northampton, MA 01063


BONUS: Boston Public Library provides a free eCard for Massachusetts residents.
Boston Public Library