Literature: Miscellaneous

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1989 F Gregory Who (Gregory of Tours) Sr.Jane Patricia Freeland
1990 F Gardens of Bright Images Marjorie Kaufman
1991 S Sylvia Townsend Warner Lori Leininger
1991 F Great Massachusetts Voices Walker Gibson
1991 F Gardens of Bright Images Carl Swanson and Marjorie Kaufman
1993 S The Roads They’ve Taken (Jill Conway) Alice Friedman and Barbara Southworth
1994 F Children’s Literature Ann Emerson
1994 F Moliere & Voltaire Doris Guillumette
1995 S Children’s Literature Anne Emerson
1995 S Shakespeare Authorship Question Isabel Holden
1995 F Books for Children Luba Reep
1996 S Narrative Art in the Literature of the Bible Lee Beaty
1997 S Art of Biography Diedrick Snoek
1998 S Exemplary Lives Diedrick Snoek
1999 F Life & Literature in Pre-revolutionary Russia Helen Dysinger and Ruth Bridgens
2000 F Banned Books:From Lysistrata to Lolita Nicole Dunn and Doris Leonard
2000 F James Boys (William and Henry) Walker Gibson
2000 F Reading the Masters:Welsh Writers June Guild
2001 S Banned Books: Censorship Doris Leonard and Nicole Dunn
2001 F Reading the Masters: Four Nobel Lauriates Ruth Feldberg and Eleanor Reid
2002 S Nature Writings:Environmentalism Madge Ertel
2002 S Reading the Masters: Nobel Laueiates Ruth Feldberg and Shirley Brodigan
2002 F Nature Writing: Environmentalism Madge Ertel
2002 F Algonquin Round Table Hal Stubbs and Fred Ayvazian
2003 F Classical Mythology Marcia Silverman
2004 S Don Juan in Literature and Film Leo Sartori
2004 S Literature of Our Youth Janet Brongers and Beth Brown
2005 S South African Literature Under Apartheid Diedrick Snoek
2005 F World War I in 20th Cetury Literature I Bobbie Reitt
2006 S World War I in 20th Cetury Literature II Bobbie Reitt
2006 F French Woman Writers Eva Sartori
2006 F May Sarton: A Wonder Woman Writer Ina Luadtke
2006 F Scribbling Women Sarah Wright and Carol Lee
2007 F Women’s Intellectual Biographies Diedrick Snoek
2007 F Literature and Ideas in 19th Century Russia Helen Dysinger and Rachel Mustin
2008 S Women’s Intellectual Biographies Diedrick Snoek and Joan Laird
2008 S Graphic Lives Michael Greenebaum
2009 F The Promised Land Peter Ferber and George Goodwin
2011 S Whodunnit? II. Mysteries & Movie Joan Laird and Bev von Kries
2012 S Four Authors on the Civil War and its Aftermath Joan Wofford

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