Medicine, Psychology and Health

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1990 F Ethical Issues in in Health Care Robert Gage
1994 S Women’s Health Ann Grose
1995 S The Expansion of Consciousness Erath Matheson
1996 S Jung’s Life & Ideas Virginia Senders and Diedrick Snoek
1998 F Emotional Intelligence Lora Simon
1998 F Ethical Issues in Medicine & Health Care Bob and Ann Grose
1999 S Robert Coles: Psychiatrist & Humanist Diedrick Snoek
1999 F Myth, Magic, and Medicine George Snook
2001 S Alternative Medicine Norm Winston
2004 S Transactional Analysis Julie and Win Firman
2004 F Mystery of Addiction Bob Forsyth
2005 S Health Care in Crisis Bob First
2005 F Creative Aging Joan Hastings
2007 F The Wisdom Shuttle: Life Stages Sylvia Favaloro
2008 F Health Care Around the World Pete Reitt and Philippe Meyer
2009 S America’s Love-Hate Relationship with Drugs Peter Ferber and Pete Reitt
2009 F Dreams: What Do They Mean? Barbara Miller and Howard Parad
2010 F Medicine in 19th Century America Paul Berman
2011 F Innovations & Innovators in 20th Century Med. Paul Berman
2011 F Strangers to Ourselves: New Understandings of Consciousness Joan Wofford
2011 S Mountains Beyond Mountains (Paul Farmer/Tracy Kidder) Jim Scott

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