More Storytelling

Moderator: Ina Luadtke

Role of participants:

1. Serve as a storytelling coach

2.  Tell a “tale,” relating to one’s life experience

3.  Design a response to two presentations

4.  Contribute to the weekly conversations

Number of participants (including the moderator): 11

Time: Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 am

Place: Greenfield Savings Bank, 325 King Street, Northampton

Parking: Ample parking on site

Listening and responding creatively to LIR members’ life stories.

In this seminar you will have opportunities to enjoy intriguing life stories as recently noted in a Letter to the Editor of the Daily Hampshire Gazette.  In this setting you will learn about the person doing a presentation rather than about a typical seminar presentation topic.  The alternative format offers structured and unstructured participation without a research component.  Each member prepares a tale from his or her life, with the assistance of a storytelling coach, prior to the assigned presentation date.  Two members have the responsibility to create a response for the following session.  The mode may be a short story, poem, song, dance, piece of art or other creative expression.  This unique seminar structure has been utilized for life story telling in LIR for a decade.

New members have found this seminar to be a valuable introduction to other LIR members.  Returning storytellers enjoy the opportunities in retelling their stories, and the comfortable casualness of the format.

Format: Interview, storytelling, conversation and creative responses.

Resources: Participants are encouraged to share objects of significance and related photographs to enhance their presentation.

The moderator: Ina has served as a co-moderator of this seminar format, under its’ various titles for nearly a decade.  Her first storytelling experience was in a Grand Forks County Declamation Day contest in North Dakota when she was in the third grade.  She won!

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