Music: Classical

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1989 S Piano Concerti of Mozart David Navon
1989 F String Quartets and Their Composers Anthony Pearce
1992 S String Quartets – Boccherini to Shostakovich David navon
1992 F Grand Opera David Navon and Thelma Isaacs
1995 F Guilty or Not Guilty in Opera David Navon
1997 S Faust Lee Beaty and Thelma Isaacs
1997 S Chamber Music David Navon and Barbara Snoek
1998 S Opera and Drama Barbara Snoek and David Navon
1998 F Requiem Masses Barbara Snoek
2000 S Chamber Music: Close to the Heart Barbara and Diedrick Snoek
2000 F Grand Russian Opera David Navon and Peg Bedell
2001 S Chamber Music Part 2 Diedrick and Barbara Snoek
2001 F Art of the Art Song David Navon
2002 S Masterworks of Chamber Music Diedrick and Barbara Snoek
2002 F Operas: A Triple Treat David Navon
2003 S Chamber Music: Piano and Strings Diedrick and Barbara Snoek
2003 F Diversity of Operas David Navon
2004 S Beethoven’s Genius Diedrick and Barbara Snoek
2005 F Beginning with Beethoven Brenda Millette
2005 F Opera: Rossini’s Barber of Seville Peg Bedell
2006 F Romantic Music Brenda Millette
2008 F Richard Wagner, Part I Peggy Bedell
2009 S Richard Wagner, Part II Peggy Bedell

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