Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1992 F Creative Approach to Mortality Phil Ward
1993 F Adventures with Whitehead V. Hubbard
1993 F Creative Approaches to Mortality Philip Ward
1994 S Mysticism Erath Matheson and Eve Posada
1994 F Finding a Way in a Troubled World Erath Matheson and Bob Forsyth
1995 S Fresh Look at Life After 60 Harley Unger
1997 F Wisdom David Moriarty
2002 S Introduction to Mysticism Nick Leras
2002 F Mysticism: Questions in Modern Times Nick Leras
2003 S Plato’s “Republic” Jerome King
2003 F Mysticism: Evidence of Things Not Seen Nick Leras, B. Brown and J. Brongers
2004 S Mysticism Doris Holden and Nick Leras
2004 F Philosophy: The Pursuit of Meaning Bert Bandman
2005 S Ethics or Moral Philosophy Bert Bandman
2005 S The Near Death Experience Ginny Senders and Nick Leras
2005 F The Meaning of Rights in Moral Discourse Bert Bandman
2006 S Reason and Decision in Modern Philosophy Bert Bandman
2006 F Basic Problems in Philosophy Bert Bandman
2007 S Life after Life After Life Ginny Senders
2008 F American Transcendentalists Shirley Brodigan and Gillian Morbey
2010 F Justice: the Right Thing Joan and Wil Hastings

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