Plants: From Mosses to Mistletoe

Moderators: Janet Price & Bev von Kries
Role of participants: Participants will make a presentation of about half an hour and then lead a discussion.
Number of participants (including the moderator): 18
Time: Tuesdays, 2:00–4:00 pm
Place: Applewood, 1st Floor Meeting Room, One Spencer Drive, Amherst
Parking: Ample parking on site; please park on the outside curve of Spencer Drive, not in the parking lot!

In this seminar we will cover the very basics of botany and then go on to look at some of the more interesting kinds of plants in the world and the various roles plants play.

Plants can live without people, but people can’t live without plants.  Before there were any animals living on land, there were plants.  All animals, including people, ultimately depend on plants for food.  Either we eat plants directly or we eat animals that eat plants. Plants also play an important role in the carbon cycle: the movement of carbon in the world as it is recycled and reused.

Moderators will provide a list of suggested topics.  Some sample topics:  Evolution of flowering plants, Grasses and grains, Carnivorous plants and Plant-insect co-evolution.  Topics not on the list but similar may be selected after consultation with the moderators.

Format: Seminar

Resources: We recommend that everyone read What a Plant Knows by Daniel Chamovitz, any edition.  Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon, any edition, will be a back-up reference source. Both books are available in reasonably priced trade paper editions. And more than ample additional information on all topics can be found in local libraries and on the web.

The Moderators: Janet grows both indoor and outdoor plants and enjoys experimenting with new growing techniques.   She has moderated or co-moderated several seminars related to plants and horticulture. Plants have always been part of Bev’s life.  She now raises orchids and enjoys her spring and summer gardens.  She has moderated or co-moderated several seminars on plant-related topics.

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