Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1989 S The National Debt Dwyer
1989 F Foreign Policy Jerry Braunthal
1990 S The Coalescing of Western Europe Mary Ryan
1990 S Whither Capitalism? Whence Marxism? William Lieson and Gerald Braunthal
1990 S Anti-Intellectualism in American Life Edward Lawton
1990 F The New Deal in Retrospect Gerry Braunthal and Edward Lawton
1990 F The Free Press – Repressed? Lee Beaty
1991 S Money in the News William Lieson
1991 S Foreign Policy Under the New Deal Gerald Braunthal and Edward Lawton
1991 S The Next 20 Years in the USA Harley Unger
1991 F The New World Order of President Bush Gerald Braunthal and Lehman
1992 S The Soviet Union & Eastern Europe Crisis Suzanne Lehmann and Gerald Braunthal
1992 S Making of the President George Goodwin
1992 S Speeches That Have Made a Difference Jean Roetter
1992 F US Supreme Court Decisions Ellie Quint
1993 S These Speeches Made a Difference Jean Roetter
1993 S Promises to Keep William Lieson and Gerald Braunthal
1993 F Sub-Saharan Africa Jackie Wisneski and Gerald Braunthal
1993 F A Gringo Look at Latin America Tom Crowe and Ann Keppler
1993 F Challenges of the 21st Century Harley Unger
1993 F Time to Choose J. Hinkel
1994 S The U.S.: Views from Abroad Marjorie Kaufman and Gerald Braunthal
1994 F Freedom’s Ferment David Dill
1995 S Facing America’s Future Benson Bowditch
1995 F A Look at Modern China Ted and Laura Belsky
1996 S The Third Party in American Politics Norman Winston
1996 F The Making of the President George Goodwin
1996 F Weekly News Kaleidoscope Benson Bowditch
1997 S Resurgence of the Labor Movement Gerald Braunthal and Alice Friedman
1997 S Extremism, Left & Right David Dill and Amy Johnson
1997 F Current Issues Charles Gillies
1997 F Uneasy Relations w/ Caribbean Neighbors Jonathan Hanke
1998 S When Revolutions Fail Ted and Laura Belsky
1998 S Current Issues Charles Gillies
1998 F Civil rights Ted Belsky and Wayne Cowan
1998 F Natural Resources and Environmental Policy Madge Ertel
1999 F Secret Intelligence Organizations Jack Glickman and Jonathan Hanke
2000 F US Elections 2000: Process and Issues Chuck Gillies and Gerry Braunthal
2002 F Israeli-Palestinian Crisis Wayne Cowan and Ted Belsky
2004 F U.S. in the World: Four Books Janet and Chuck Gillies
2004 F Election 2004 Hy Edelstein and Ginny Christenson
2006 S Journals, Journalism, and Newspapers Ted Belsky and Wayne Cowan
2006 F Third Parties in American History Norman Winston
2006 F Critical Domestic Issues Bob First
2007 S American Foreign Policy & the “Axis of Evil” Chuck Gillies
2008 S The US in the World, 2008: Four Books Chuck Gillies
2008 F Election 2008 Hy Edelstein
2009 F Constitutional Law in the News Tyll van Geel
2009 F Governance of Amherst, Hatfield, & Nrthmpton Jim Scott, David Cramer and Sandy Belden
2009 F The Roots of Conflict in South Asia J Andrew Cortez-Greig
2010 S American Radical Movements 1918-1972 Leo Sartori
2010 F Four Books: Political and Social Problems Chuck Gillies and Bob Romer
2010 F Living Law: Life and the Law Tyll van Geel
2011 S Far Right in American Politic Leo Sartori
2011 S What Makes a Terrorist Tick? Sandy Cortez-Grieg

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