Science: Earth Science and Ecology

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1993 S Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica Ellen Weiss
1993 F The Nature of Our Universe Carl Swanson
1994 S Solutions for a Sustainable Planet Joylane Hinkle
1994 F Time to Choose (Ecology) Joylane Hinkle
2000 F Untangling Environmental Issues Dorothy Rosenthal
2002 F Golden Age of Astronomy John Armstrog
2004 F An Introduction to Meteorology John Armstrong and Hal Stubbs
2007 F Natural Disasters John and Lise Armstrong
2008 S Global Climate Change Jim Harvey
2010 F Volcanoes and the Human Experience Jim Scott
2010 F When the Well Runs Dry: Water in 21st Cent Peter Ferber and Carol Jolly
2011 S Global Warming/Climate Change: What does the Future Hold? Joel Halpern and Gordon Wyse
2011 F The Solar System: the Last 30 Years Jim Scott

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