Science, Physics, Mathematics and Technology

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1994 F Chaos & Complexity Virginia Senders
1995 F Work and Workings of Computers David Navon and Harley Unger
1999 F Probability and chance Arthur Quinton
2000 S Superstrings and Modern Physics David Navon and John Armstrong
2001 S Computer Age: Blessing or Curse? Hy Edelstein
2002 S Fun with Numbers Hal Stubbs
2003 F Computer Usage at an Intermediate Level John Armstrong and Hy Edelstein
2004 F Galileo and the Birth of Modern Science Leo Sartori
2005 F The 30 Years That Shook Physics Jim Scott
2005 F The Arithmetic of Symmetry John Armstrong
2007 F The Elements: Facts, Fables, and Science Jim Scott
2008 S Efficient Energy Use Larry Ambs and Anne McIntosh
2008 F The Age of Newton Leo Sartori
2009 S Time, Clocks, and Calendars Beverly von Kries and John Armstrong
2010 S The Joy of the PC Computer Philippe Meyer
2010 S Risky Business: Dealing with Risk John Armstrong and Hy Edelstein
2012 S Highlights of Computer History John Armstrong

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