Seminars: Fall 2016

Seminars are for 5CLIR members only. To become a member, either join or renew your 5CLIR membership online or complete a paper membership application and mail with your check to 5CLIR.

You may register for seminars right up to the start of the semester.  Please register for fall seminars online or complete and mail the paper form to 5CLIR office.

Seminars begin the week of Monday, September 26th and run weekly for 10 sessions unless otherwise specified. An extra week has been scheduled at the end to make up for a snow day.

For more information, download the Summer-Fall 2016 Catalog.  Page references below are to this catalog.

MONDAY MORNING (10:00 – noon unless otherwise specified)

How Poetry Achieves its Effect Through Nature Imagery (p. 17), Smith College

The Men and Women Who Made American Television (p. 20), UMass Transit Center

The Commons: Past, Present and Future (p. 11), Applewood

MONDAY AFTERNOON (1:30 – 3:30 unless otherwise specified)

Let’s Talk About Sports (p. 18), Smith College

November 2016 Elections: Presidential (Part 2), Congressional and State (p. 22), Smith College

Writing to Remember – Blue Section (p. 32), Lilly Library (Florence)

Stories of Aging in Contemporary Novels (p. 26) Northampton Lathrop

TUESDAY MORNING (9:30 – 11:30 unless otherwise specified)

Play-Reading for the Fun of it: Approaching Drama as Performers (p. 23) Amherst Media (10:15 am to 12:15 pm)

Syria and Lebanon: 1916-2016 (p. 27) Easthampton Lathrop

First Ladies: Their Public and Private Lives (p. 16) Northampton Lathrop

TUESDAY AFTERNOON (2:00 – 4:00 unless otherwise specified)

The New Golden Age of Astronomy (p. 21) Smith College

Watercolor Class (p. 30) Applewood (1:00 to 3:00)

WEDNESDAY MORNING (10:00 – noon unless otherwise specified)

The Vikings (p. 29) Umass Transit Facility

Do You See What I See? How? (p. 13) Applewood

Shakespeare: His World and His Work (p. 25) Loomis Retirement Village (South Hadley)

Craft Revealed (p. 12) Rockridge Retirement Community

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON ( 1:30 – 3:30 unless otherwise specified)

Don Quixote, Part I (p. 14) Amherst Woman’s Club

Literary Portrayals of Illness: The Realism and the Myth (p. 19) Easthampton Lathrop

Theism and Atheism: How Can Both Be Wrong? (p. 28) Hitchcock Center

THURSDAY MORNING (9:30 – 11:30 unless otherwise specified)

Writing to Remember – Red Section (p. 33) Grace Episcopal Church, Amherst

“Cooked” in the Pioneer Valley (p. 10) Northampton Lathrop

Printmaking – Process and Practice (p. 24) Loomis Retirement Village, South Hadley

17th Century England (p. 9) UMass Renaissance Center

When Love Becomes an Obsession (p. 31).  Yiddish Book Center, Hampshire College.

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