Spring 2017 Seminars

5CLIR membership must be current in order to register for seminars and programs.
You may submit your membership application or renewal online

or download and print a membership form and mail with your check.

To be included in the first round of class assignments and the lottery, your registration form must be received by the office by DECEMBER 9, 2016.
Following this date, you may register for seminars up to the start of the semester.
Class assignments after the lottery are made in waiting list order, or as space is available.

Read our 2017 Winter/Spring Catalog here: Winter/ Spring 2017.
10-week seminars begin the week of February 20, 2017.
8-week seminars begin the week of March 8 or March 13, 2017.
An additional week may be added in May, in the event of cancellations due to bad weather.

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Bolded seminars have space still available as of January 26:

Code Seminar Time Moderators Location
AF Great 20th Century American Short Fiction Thur AM Creighton UMass Renaissance Center, Amherst
AI American Impressionism: Revolt of the Ten Tues AM Kent, Lambert Loomis Village, S Hadley
AW The American West, 1850-1900 Tues AM Poli, Ambs UMass Transit Center, Amherst
BD Basic Drawing Mon PM Fay Hitchcock Center for Environment, Amherst
BI British India Mon PM Harvey Smith College, Dewey Hall, Northampton
BM Broadway Musicals Tues PM Boss Rockridge, Northampton
CB The Impact of a Favorite Children’s Book on Our Adult Lives Thur AM Daniels, Dore Loomis Village, S Hadley
CP Chaim Potok: Asher Lev, the Artist in Conflict with Community Thur AM Barker Lathrop Easthampton, Mt. Tom room
DO Every Dog Has Its Day: Dogs in Human History and Culture Mon PM Manson, Sladen Applewood Meeting House, Amherst
DQ Don Quixote, Part II (1615) Wed PM Scott Amherst Womens Club
FP My Favorite Painter Tues PM Hurn Smith College, Lilly Hall, Northampton
HM History’s Mysteries Tues AM Hartman, Laird Lathrop, Northampton
IN Inequality in the New Gilded Age Tues PM Entin, Stonberg Smith College, Dewey Hall
MF High Water, Power Politics, Disaster Management: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 Wed AM Neelon Smith College, Lilly Hall, Northampton
MP Mathematical Puzzles in Everyday Life Tues AM Roodman Smith College, Lilly Hall, Northampton
OC Oh Canada! Who Art Thou? Wed AM Hamilton, et al UMass Transit Center, Amherst
PA Poetry & American Civil War Wed AM Armstrong Applewood Meeting House, Amherst
RP Reading Piketty: Capital in the 20th Century Wed AM Campbell UMass Renaissance Center, Amherst
SQ Contemporary Trends in String Quartets Mon AM Brooks Smith College Dewey Hall, Northampton
TW What in the World is Going On in Today’s Disrupted World? Thur AM Wofford Lathrop, Northampton
US US 1912-1920 Mon PM Szlozek, Swanson Smith College, Lilly Hall, Northampton
WA Watercolor Class Tues AM MacCombie Applewood Craft Room, Amherst
WB Writing to Remember, Blue Section Mon PM Lewin, Jolly Lilly Library, Florence
WR Writing to Remember, Red Section  Thur AM Z. Tillona, Peck Grace Episcopal Church, Amherst

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