Theater and Film

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1990 S Five Fine Films from Famous Fiction Madeline Rubin
1991 S Enjoying More Plays Sam and Peg Freedman
1991 S Three Modern American Playwrights Nicole Dunn
1992 S George Bernard Shaw – Four Plays Nicole Dunn
1992 S Enjoying More Plays Peg & Sam Friedman
1993 F Great Films Florence Barondes and Nicole Dunn
1994 S The American Musical Tom & Catherine Pitoniak
1994 F Great Films of American Musicals Catherine and Tom Pitoniak
1997 S Enjoying the Play Sam and Peg Freedman
1998 S Irish Theater Sam and Peg Freedman
1998 F The Broadway Musical Barbara Conant
2000 F Hitchcock Festival Florence Barondes
2002 F Films of Billy Wilder Shlomit Cheyette
2002 F Reading One-Act Plays Aloud Ellie Quint
2004 F Films of Roman Polanski Shlomit Cheyette
2005 S Classic American Plays Ed Golden
2005 S Who Wants To Be An Actor? Ellie Quint
2005 S Classical Greek Tragedy Jerry King
2005 F Food and Film Jane Price and Nina Scott
2005 F Exploring Families in Shakespeare Helen Dysinger and Rachel Mustin
2005 F East German Films Arnold Friedmann and Gerry Braunthal
2006 S Australia Through Movies Maurice Howe
2006 S More Classic American Plays Ed Golden
2007 S Let’s Go to the Movies: Classic Films Paul Rothery and Eleanor Shattuck
2007 F Comedies of GB Shaw and Oscar Wilde Ed Golden
2008 S Another Let’s Go to the Movies Eleanor Shattuck and Paul Rothery
2008 S Themes in Broadway Musicals Part I Hill Boss
2008 S Hollywood and American Film Dean Poli
2008 F Broadway Musicals:Historic/Social Themes Hill Boss
2009 S Let’s Read the Book and See the Movie Dorothy Gorra
2009 S Three Irish Playwrights Ed Golden
2009 S History of Cinema in the U.S. Dean Poli
2010 S Our Town by Thorton Wilder Michael Greenebaum
2010 S Themes in Broadway Musicals Part II Hill Boss
2010 S Selected Plays of Tennessee Williams Ed Golden
2011 S Exploring the World of Tom Stoppard Carol Jolly
2011 S Broadway Musicals Hill Boss
2011 F Female Film Directors: Calling the Shots Sandy Campbell
2012 S History of U. S. Cinema Dean Poli
2012 S Eugene O’Neill: Playwright for America Ed Golden
2012 S The Century Play Cycle by August WIlson Ellen Peck

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