Workshops: Miscellaneous

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1995 F French Conversation for Beginners Doris Guillumette
1995 F French conversation Doris Guillumette
2001 S Performance Workshop Elizabeth Armstrong
2001 F Speech Reading: A Tutorial in Lip-Reading Jay Melrose
2004 S Insight Meditation: A Workshop Jerry Rosenthal
2004 F Digital Photography: A Workshop Peter Reitt and Hy Edelstein
2005 S Digital Photography Peter Reitt
2005 F Duplicate Bridge Workshop Leo Sartori
2006 F Tout en Francais Judith Pool
2007 S Using Photoshop for Image Manipulation Pete Reitt
2007 F Using Photoshop for Image Manipulation Pete Reitt
2009 S The Bicycle Sandy Muspratt
2009 S The Once-a-Week Vegetarian Lise Armstrong
2010 F Cuisines of the Mediterranean Syma Meyer and Eva Sartori
2010 F Ludo LOGO Sandy Muspratt
2010 F Finding Your Family Bobbie Reitt
2011 S Taking the Terror out of Technology Joan Wofford
2011 F Everyone’s Creativity: Exploring & Developing Your Creativity Carl Erikson
2012 S Punch Needle Rug Hooking Suzette Jones
2012 S Play Reading for Fun Frieda Howards and Betsey Johnson

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