Culture and Society: Sociology and Education

Year Session Title Moderator(s)
1990 S The Immigrant Experience Lori Leininger
1990 F The Personal Use of Myth Virginia Senders
1991 F Redefining the Sexes Harley Unger and Alice Friedman
1991 F Higher Education in Our Valley George Goodwin
1992 F Native Americans Maida Riggs and Veerhault
1993 S Development of the Five Colleges George Goodwin
1994 F The Law of the Land Eleanor Quint
1995 S Immigrants and Immigration Ann & Bob Gross
1997 S Immigrants & Immigration Ann Grose and Bob Grose
1997 F What’s So Funny About That? Suzanne Lehman and Jane Sherman
1998 F In Search of True Genius David Dill and Amy Johnson
1999 S Aspects of the World of Yiddish Nylda Glickman and Barbara Snoek
1999 F The Plains Indians David Dill and Amy Johnson
1999 F Perils and Promise of Educational Reform Ted Belsky and Jane Sherman
2000 F History of Human Habitation Bob Gross and Ann Gross
2000 F Fundamental Human Rights Sanat Majumder
2001 S Social History of American Technology David Navon and Bob Grose
2002 F How We Learn About Race and Class Naomi Yanis and Doris McKethan
2004 F Life and Fortune of People in Our Time Sheila Klem and Charlie Klem
2005 S American Folk Heroes Dorothy Rosenthal
2005 S Oral Traditions Barbara Halpern
2005 F Making Race and Nation Anthony Marx and Naomi Yanis
2006 F New Orleans: Pre/Post Katrina David Yaukey
2006 F Conspicuous Consumption Connoisseurship Ann Caplan
2007 S Women & Gender in American Media Joan Laird
2007 S Muslims in Western Society Janet Gillies
2007 F Utopian Communities Jane Hovde
2007 F People on the Move Sara Wright and Carol Lee
2008 S Why are You Laughing? Hy Edelstein
2008 F Romantic Love in the Renaissance Helen Dysinger and Rachel Mustin
2008 F World Demographic Trends David Yaukey
2011 S Creative Couples in Literature & Arts Sandy Campbell
2011 F Love & Marriage: Couple Relationships Across Time & Culture Joan Laird and George Levinger

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